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November 2017 – Monthly Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter


Monthly Parent Newsletter
November 2017

William R. Galati, Principal


The fall season has certainly arrived with shorter daylight, leaves changing color and the conclusion of the first marking period.


The first quarter concluded on November 9th with posting of grades on the Parent Portal on November 17th.  In the event you are not able to access your child’s grades, please contact the guidance office to obtain a hard copy of your child’s first quarter report card.


Parent-Teacher conferences will take place (took place) on Tuesday, November 21st for students in grades 7-12.  In the event you were unable to schedule an appointment to meet with your child’s teachers, you are encouraged to email or call them directly to plan an alternate date/time to meet.


We request your support and assistance in reinforcing with your children the following building expectations:

  1. Students are requested to attend school on time.  First period begins at 7:50am.  Families are requested to report all absences to Mrs. Claudio, the District Attendance Clerk.
  2. Students are expected to wear appropriate attire to school on a daily basis.  If students select to wear inappropriate attire in not keeping with our building and BOE policy, appropriate discipline will be awarded.
  3. As per our BOE policy, students are not allowed to use, sell or be in the possession of E-Cigarettes.  If students are found to be in the possession or use of this device, appropriate discipline will be awarded.
  4. Students are allowed to have clear water bottles containing water while in school, however are not allowed to have beverages other than water in the classrooms and halls.


In the weeks ahead, please expect to see the posting on our website to the 2018-2019 Program of Study for both Middle School and High School.  Both documents have been revised and contain new exciting opportunities for students for the 2018-2019 school year.


The early winter sports season has begun.  We congratulate our sports students for their fall season achievement.  Please access the Southold Settler’s Athletic Department webpage for upcoming game schedules and come out and support our teams.


As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teachers or certainly myself.  By forming a cohesive partnership our students (your children) will be best prepared to meet and exceed global expectations to achieve and reap the rewards of a well rounded education.  Please access my principal blog at or follow me at Twitter at PrincipalGalati for most current and relevant school related updates and highlights.


Best regards and have a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!





News from Academic Departments and Clubs


Mrs. Buonaiuto, Reading 7-12

The Importance of Reading and Writing beyond the Classroom

As adults, we know how important reading and writing is in our everyday lives.  Reading can help children and teens find ways not only to understand cultures and worlds but also themselves.  Writing can help them find ways to communicate their ideas.

You can help support your child in literacy learning all year long.

What can you do?

  • Let your child see you engaging in everyday literacy activities, like reading the newspaper or making a grocery list and talk about what you do.
  • Read and write to your child or teen. Share audio books, read aloud to them, leave a letter expressing your pride in an accomplishment.  This encourages reading and demonstrates the power of words.
  • Share a love for reading and writing together. Read books your child is currently reading in the classroom, read magazines or websites and then discuss them together.  Write a journal, scrapbook, or blog as a family.

Check out these engaging resources:  Library of nonfiction and literary articles to support reading comprehension.  Engaging ways to help kids and teens with their reading and writing skills.  Here you can find activities and projects, online games and tools, tips and how to help, print outs and podcasts.  A collection of films, photo essays, articles and resources


Ms. Rizzo, Family and Consumer Science

7th Grade Home and Career students are learning about Food Preparation using a website called


Culinary Arts I: Students are working on a community service project with the Interact club members in making pumpkin bread for the Southold Rotary Club.


Mr. Chorao, Science

This month in Earth Science, students used transparent hemispheres to track the apparent motion of the Sun across the sky.  After mounting the hemispheres on paper with cardinal directions indicated, they used protractors, rulers, string and markers to inscribe the Sun’s motions during key dates throughout the year.  Working together, students estimated where the sun would be on their models on that day and hour.  They then took their Sun-sky models and compasses outside and used shadows cast upon their models to gauge the accuracy of their earlier estimates.  Later, by measuring the angular distance of the sun’s path, students were able to determine the earth’s rate of rotation.


Mrs. Santiago, Social Worker

The Southold Junior Class will be hosting their Annual Santa Breakfast on Saturday, December 2nd from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM in the Southold Elementary School. Breakfast will cost $7.00 per person or $25.00 for a family of four. There will be pictures with Santa, a holiday raffle, bake sale, holiday sing-along, and crafts with our Junior Class Elves. Please come down to support Prom 2018 by enjoying a breakfast filled with pancakes, bacon, eggs, bagels and home fries.


Mrs. Marra, Health

High School Health, Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology

On November 8th and 9th, a guest speaker from the Maurer Foundation spoke to the High School Health, Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology classes about breast health. The Maurer Foundation’s mission is to save lives through breast health education that focuses on breast cancer prevention, healthy lifestyle choices, early detection, and risk reduction. In addition to the presentation, students were taught how to do a proper breast self-exam to detect potentially dangerous tumors.


Mrs. Ellwood, English

8th grader Ellie Alloway’s poem “Inner Escape” was selected as a winner of the 2017 Poetry for Peace local poetry contest sponsored by  the Temple Tifereth Israel.  Ellie will be honored at a poetry reading and awards ceremony at the Mattituck Library on Sunday 11/19.