Monthly Parent Newsletter – April 2017

Monthly Parent Newsletter
April 2017

William R. Galati, Principal


The third quarter has come to a close and grades have been posted to the Parent Portal (as of April 28th) with related comments.  Please review the information received on your child’s report card with your child as it is expected that all students are achieving appropriately in all courses of study.  It is imperative to make contact with your child’s teachers and certainly with their guidance counselor.  If you desire any clarification with information shared on the report card and/or need assistance with any strategies to best assist your child in achieving a level of mastery with their studies, please contact the appropriate people to best assist.


Congratulations to our Robotics team for their most recent achievement at Hofstra University and for having a great build season. Appreciation is extended to Mr. Santiago and chaperones for supporting our tenth graders on the most recent Europe trip.  Students had a memorable experience!


National Honor Society inductions will be taking place on May 9th at 7pm in the auditorium.  Please contact Mr. Stahl for additional details.  


Before long, the end of the school year will be upon us.  Please be mindful that the last day of instruction will take place on Monday, June 12th.  June 13th we begin final / Regents examinations.  The testing schedule was mailed a couple of weeks ago.  In addition, the testing schedule has been posted for families on our webpage and students will be provided with a hard copy in the weeks leading to the end of the school year. It is expected that all students are in attendance during such testing.  The official conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year is June 23rd with our High School graduation to follow on June 24th. Please plan accordingly to assist and support your child with all upcoming testing obligations.


Congratulations to Robby Kruszeski, class Valedictorian and to Meg Pickerell, class Salutatorian.  Robby and Meg are two great students that have demonstrated compassion for learning and established a focused and determined mindset to achieve.  Congratulations!


On April 6th, Mrs. Santiago hosted a parent / student meeting in preparation for the Junior Prom.  The prom will be taking place on Friday, May 12th at Breeze Hill Farms.  In the event your child has intentions of attending the prom and you were not available to attend this meeting, it is important to make contact with Mrs. Santiago to receive prom related details and expectations.


Prior to the conclusion of the school year, we expect to continue to practice school safety procedures by engaging in lockdown drills, fire drills and an off-campus evacuation drill.  An off-campus drill to St. Patrick’s RRC is planned to take place on Friday, May 19th starting on/about 1:30pm where students will be released and bused home from the off-campus evacuation site.  Details pertaining to the drill (for May 19th) have been mailed home.  In the event you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the main office.  


Congratulations to Mr. Gosnell and to all student artists that have put together an exceptional display of student art work at the Southold Free Library and be amazed as you see our student’s artistic talents on display.  The exhibit will be on display through the month of April.  


With the warm weather approaching it is expected that all students are dressed in accordance and abide to the BOE approved Southold UFSD dress code.  If students are in questionable and/or inappropriate attire, students will be meeting with Mr. Flanagan, Athletics Director / Dean of Students where appropriate discipline will be awarded.  In the event you need a copy of the policy, please don’t hesitate to call the high school office.


During the months of April through June, students will be taking State assessments in ELL (NYSELAT) and science (Grade 8 only).  Below, is the State assessment schedule for your reference outlining remaining State Assessments to be administered (a letter addressing the same has also been mailed).


2016-2017 Middle School State Assessment Schedule


Assessment Administration Dates Make-up Dates
NYSELAT Speaking April 10th – May 14th During Testing Window
NYSELAT Listening, Writing and Reading May 8th  – 19th   During Testing Window
Grade 8 Science Performance Test Tentatively – May 24th  (during class)   During Testing Window
Grade 8 Science Written June 5th June 6th – 7th


Some Reminders


  1. Student Daily Attendance


Students are expected to be in school daily.  In the event students are absent, a parent (guardian) is expected to make contact with Mrs. Claudio, district attendance clerk, informing her with the reason for absence.  As per our BOE attendance policy, students will be in jeopardy for loss of course credit if they accrue 12 or more absences for semester based courses / 24 or more absences for full year courses.  Please reference the attendance policy or contact your child’s guidance counselor if you have questions.  Families also have the opportunity to view their child’s attendance daily through the Parent Portal.


  1. Laser Light Show – Middle School Students


Through the generosity of the PTA, middle level students in grades 7 and 8 will be provided with a Laser Light Show on May 8th during period 9.


  1. Social Media


It is imperative that we all demonstrate proper use of all social media venues to share and post select information so that we are not compromising the character and image of anyone. Students are continually informed of related expectations which are reinforced by our instructional stakeholders and it is requested that parents support and reinforce the same with children at home.  


Department / Activity-Club News


Interact – Blood Drive

Ms. Gilmore & Mrs. Salmaggi

The Interact Club will host our annual Blood Drive on Wednesday, May 17.  Any student who would like to donate needs photo ID.  16 and 17-year-old students may donate but only with the required parental permission form signed and properly filled out.  All students who intend to donate should eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of fluids beforehand.  Please see Ms. Gilmore or Mrs. Salmaggi for details.


The Interact Club will also run a “purple pinkie” fundraiser during the blood drive.  Students may contribute $1.00 to have their pinkie colored purple and sign the “purple pinkie” banner; all proceeds go to Rotary International’s fund to eradicate polio in the world. 


The club would like to thank everyone who donated to our “General Needs” drive.  We collected three large bins of new socks and undergarments for Long Island homeless veterans.  Special thanks to the Southold Pharmacy for their efforts and to the Southold Fire Department; the department donated a check for $500.00 to the fund to help support our local, homeless veterans.  


Family & Consumer Science

Ms. Rizzo

8th grade Home and Career Skills students will be working on a Career Exploration project using Google slides. 


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