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Monthly Parent Newsletter
March 2016
William R. Galati, Principal

Spring is here! And, next week is Easter followed by spring break in April. The school year is running by quickly.

Currently, students are meeting with their respective guidance counselors finalizing course requests for the 2016-2017 school year. Please expect for your child to share with you such requests and in the event you or your child wish to revise such selections, please schedule a meeting with your child’s guidance counselor for advisement. Please be informed that some additions to the secondary Program of Study have been made after print with 3 NEW Elective options {Agricultural Science (full year elective in science) – Introduction to Coding (1/2 year elective in mathematics) – Topics in Mathematics (full year elective in mathematics)}. Like all elective based courses, these courses will run based upon sufficient enrollment and pending appropriate budgetary support. For descriptors of these new electives, please contact Mr. Crimi or Ms. Cavallaro in guidance.

The performance of Mary Poppins will take place this week (Thursday – Friday – Saturday at 7:00pm and Sunday at 2:00pm). Appreciation is extended to our students, parents, and the Southold Community for their continued support given to the Theatre Arts department in making this production a positive experience for our students. I wish all of our performers the best of luck in all performances and appreciate the hard work our talented students devoted to this production.

The annual Military Ball took place on Friday, March 11th. Similar to all years – the Cadets and their guests at the event looked great and all had a great time. Thank you to our NJROTC team for making this a great experience.

The Robotics Team will be competing in Cleveland this week followed by competing at Hofstra University on March 31st – April 4th – please come out and see our students in action and be introduced to the team’s robot. Appreciation is extended to our parents for their continued support and assistance in once again making this opportunity a reality for our students.

Congratulations to Noah Mina as being recognized as News 12 Scholar Athlete. A well deserved recognition for Noah based upon his achievement and dedication as a well rounded academic and athletic student at Southold. See pictures on Twitter @PrincipalGalati

On March 14th, Ms. Foote was a presenter at the 18th Annual ASSET Technology Conference which featured keynote speaker Charles Best of Her presentation titled “How Your District Can Become a Tech Transformer: A Three Year Growth in the Southold Community with the Support of Technology” focused on how our school district has advanced in digital thinking with our 21st Century learners through the use of Google applications and Chromebooks, infusing technology into extra-curricular activities with our community, as well as further developing SOHO TV as a course elective. The second part of Ms. Foote’s presentation included a tutorial with model examples on whatinfographics are, the audiences they appeal to, why they are so effective both in and out of the classroom, as well as how they can be created.

Students are expected to be in school daily. In the event students are absent, a parent (guardian) is expected to make contact with Mrs. Claudio, district attendance clerk, informing her with the reason for absence. As per our BOE attendance policy, students will be in jeopardy for loss of course credit if they accrue 12 or more absences for semester based courses / 24 or more absences for full year courses. Even if a student is late with parental support, the lateness is still deemed as being not excused. Please reference the attendance policy or contact your child’s guidance counselor if you have questions.

As the warmer weather approaches, we request parents to review with their child our dress code expectation policy. Students are advised to dress appropriately for school daily. In the event students select to dress inappropriately, students will be requested to make contact with the home for a parent (guardian) to bring to school appropriate attire and/or will be provided with appropriate discipline if a pattern is observed.

As the weather improves fire drills and off-campus drills will be scheduled to take place. On Friday, April 22nd we will have an evacuation drill to Southold Elementary School followed by an evacuation drill (early dismissal drill) to St. Patrick’s RC Church on Friday, May 20th.

Third quarter interim reports have been posted on the Parent Portal. As always, please review these reports to assess your child’s academic progress. If you have questions regarding your child’s overall achievement, I encourage you to contact your child’s guidance counselor as well as your child’s teachers. April 8th, the third quarter concludes with an expected release on The Parent Portal of third quarter report cards on/about April 15th.

6th Grade orientation for parents will be taking place on March 30th at 5:30pm in the district auditorium. Guidance Counselors will be sharing with parent’s related information pertaining to a 7th grade student’s schedule, after school opportunities and more. In the event parents are not available to attend, they are requested to contact the guidance office to either schedule a meeting with a counselor or request for information to be mailed home.

During the months of April through June, students in 7th and 8th grade will be taking State assessments in ELL (NYSELAT), ELA, mathematics, and science. A calendar of related testing dates has been posted on the building webpage for your reference. Additionally, select subject areas (US History, CC Geometry, and CC Algebra II) will be participating in Field Testing. Letter detailing this information is forthcoming in the mail.

June 1st all students enrolled in Common Core Algebra II will be taking the State Regents examination in Common Core Algebra II. As some classrooms will be used for Regents testing, expect some displacement of classes/classrooms. Students that sit and take the Common Core Algebra II Regents examination on June 1st as per the NY State Education Department (SED) will be allowed to sit for the Standard (2005) Algebra II/Trig Regents examination scheduled for June 17th (which is encouraged). Understand that these are two different course curricula where components of the Algebra II/ Trig curriculum will not be taught to prepare students for the Algebra II/ Trig Regents examination. This Regents roll-out (3rd in a series) is different from the past with CC Algebra and CC Geometry (please refer to letter mailed in January detailing the difference). As per guidance provided by SED, the higher of the scores attained will be recorded on student transcripts. Students that are not present on June 1st to take the Common Core Regents examination will have to register to take the August administration of the examination at a district offering summer school. In the event you have questions, please contact Mr. Tulley or your child’s guidance counselor.

7th grade students along with 7th grade teachers are planning a field trip on June 1st to Brookhaven National Laboratory where students will participate and complete multiple lab experiments (please refer to letter with permission slip detailing specifics). The experience will support learning in Life Science as well as in mathematics. In the event you have any questions, kindly contact Mr. McArdle or Mrs. Dakis. Students will return to attend their 8th and 9th period classes and depart for the day at 2:30pm.

Reminder – June 1st is the NEW date for the Middle School Concert at 7:30pm in the District Auditorium. Please mark your calendar!

Coffee with the Principal has been rescheduled for March 31st (NEW DATE) at 9am in the Library Media Center. Please mark your calendar – hope to see you at our last meeting for the year.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and look forward to fostering a collaborative and meaningful relationship with parents/guardians to best support all students’ academic, social, and emotional development. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming concerts, sports events, and district events.

For additional information highlighting the great programs and offerings to students at Southold Junior-Senior High School, please access my BLOG at , as well as connect with us through Facebook and on Twitter.

Have a safe and relaxing Easter and April vacation!

Department News

Family and Consumer Science
Ms. Rizzo, FCS teacher

8th graders are working on a career project in the Library with the assistance of Mrs. Johnson.
Culinary Art I students created menus and made croutons for the Southold /Greenport Garden Committee’s “Souperbowl” fundraiser.

English Department

Mrs. Dakis, Ms. Foote, and Mrs. Dougherty-Johnson

7th graders have been diligently working on inquiry projects in English class. After reading the novel A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, students were allowed to choose their own topics, design their own individual assessments, create a timeline of manageable due dates, and develop an oral presentation. The topics all related in some way to the novel and included: astrology, African animals, refugee camps, foster families, African athletes and sports, public education, water pollution, and an originally drawn time-lapse video comparing the novel to Star Wars. Up next for the seventh graders will be an independent reading unit, which Mrs. Johnson in the library will help classes navigate.

Mr. Stahl, Ms. Foote, and Mrs. Dougherty-Johnson
Mr. Stahl, Ms. Foote, and Mrs. Johnson worked with the Common Core English 11 classes on research projects about “The Roaring 1920s” and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Students researched using the VRC (Virtual Reference Collection) as well as books in the library and kept track of their resources with EasyBib. They wrote research papers about their topics, which included the 1919 World Series, the NFL in the 1920s, the relationship between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda, Charlie Chaplin and silent movies, flappers, and the always popular gangsters/mobsters in speakeasies. After they wrote their papers, students used their research as the basis of their own black and white silent movies. In addition to becoming experts on their topics, they showcased some very impressive film, sound, acting, and editing techniques.

Mrs. Dooley and Ms. Foote
After completing research papers on a book genre of their choosing, and dabbling in the art of creating and analyzing poetry for a few weeks, students in Common Core English 10 have embarked on a new and exciting journey: literature circles! Students listened to excerpts from all four selections, were able to review all the books prior to choosing the one they want to focus on, and were then assigned groups of three to four students based on the text that they chose. Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel were the selections made this year. Students will work within their groups to assign weekly roles and responsibilities (Discussion Leader, Diction Detective, Bridge Builder, and Reporter) as well as complete individual assignments such as posting blog responses on Google Classroom. The culminating B&N Book Projects will be presented prior to the annual Europe trip.

Ms. Gilmore, French Teacher
Students in Ms Gilmore’s French 7 and French 2 classes celebrated Foreign Language Week in a delicious way by making chocolate mousse. Ms. Rizzo assisted in the kitchen by presenting a demonstration and students followed by making their own mousse. The result was “incroyablel. We hope to return later in the spring and try our hand at making “crepes”

Support Services

Mrs. Santiago, School Social Worker
Prom 2016 is fast approaching! A pre-prom meeting has been scheduled for April 12, 2016 at 6:00pm in the District Auditorium. The Pre-Prom Meeting is mandatory for parents/guardians as well as for those junior and senior high school students attending the prom. At this meeting, students will have the opportunity to purchase prom tickets. Ticket prices this year include round-trip transportation to the venue, one hour of passed hors d’oeuvres, a formal dinner, four hours of a live DJ, and any other entertainment/special features at the event.

If students have a conflict with the date/time of the planned meeting as a result to a scheduled sports game; parents/guardians may attend the meeting by themselves on behalf of their child. Otherwise, your attendance to the pre-prom meeting is mandatory in order for you to purchase a prom ticket and/or attend this year’s prom.

Clubs and Activities

Mrs. Gilmore, Co-Advisor
Mrs. Salmaggi, Co-Advisor
The Interact Club Officers, Althea Mignon, Abby Cacovic and Jamie Molnar helped the Southold Rotary with their food drive on Saturday, February 27th. All of the North Fork food pantries benefited from the collection and the Rotary was very grateful for our club’s helping hands.

Mrs. Williams, Advisor
Nineteen students participated in the DECA State competition in Rochester, NY during the week of March 8th-11th. This group of amazing Southold Students did a great job in their competitions.
Pictured left to right. Back row- Mr. Pfister – chaperone, Kyle Skrezec, Jake Dominy, Connor Vaccariello, Walker Sutton, Billy Burns, Aidan Walker, Adam Best, Mike Christman, Bryan Patchell & Doug Fiedler
Front Row: Angie Bucci, Jackie Davey, Raeann Berry, Dylan VanGorden, William Bucci, Peter Fouchet, Myles Williams, Mike Dolan, Noah Mina and advisor Mrs. Williams.

Top 4 NY State Winners
Angie Bucci – 2nd place in Visual Advertising
Noah Mina – 4th place in Marketing Role Play
Jackie Davey – 4th place in Job Interview
Top Ten Placements in NY State
Mike Dolan – Hospitality & Tourism Team
Adam Best – Hospitality & Tourism Team
Jake Dominy – Job Interview
Raeann Berry – Visual Advertising
Walker Sutton – Sales Demonstration
Doug Fiedler – Sales Demonstration
Billy Burns – Principles of Business Administration