Monthly Parent Newsletter – December 2015

To welcome in the holiday season, our music and art department conducted their annual winter concert and art show on Tuesday, December 15th (middle school) and Thursday, December 17th (secondary school). Both concerts (and student art show) showcased a multitude of student musical as well as artistic talents. As always, thank you for attending and for supporting our music and art program.

As in the past, Southold High School will not be conducting a formalized testing week at the conclusion of the first semester. All semester based courses will conclude their course of study with in-class final examinations or with an authentic project (assessment/project due dates will be determined by the instructor to the course of study). A letter posted on the Parent Portal and building webpage as well as a mailing identifying Regents January 2016 dates/times and expectations will be forthcoming. In the interim, if you have any specific questions pertaining to January testing, please don’t hesitate to call/email your child’s teacher(s) or guidance counselor.

I invite you to join me for Coffee with the Principal – to have an informal discussion with me and other stakeholders regarding our school, our students, and our latest initiatives to best prepare and support all students with their learning. I will be hosting this opportunity on Wednesday, January 6th at 9am in the Junior-Senior High School Library – all are welcome.

In the month ahead, Mr. Crimi and Ms. Cavallaro will be structuring push-in meetings with grade levels to begin the course selection process for the 2016-2017 school year. A booklet (Program of Study) of offerings (hard copy) will be provided to all students. This same document will also be posted on our webpage for parental review. Families are encouraged to take time with their child to review the Program of Study, assess graduation requirements (Local and State), as well as assess their child’s interest in taking elective based courses that will challenge student thinking and provide your child with a diverse and well-rounded education. In the event you have questions related to the course selection process, you are encouraged to contact the guidance office to make an appointment with Mr. Crimi or Ms. Cavallaro.

Interim reports will be posted on the Parent Portal effective December 22nd as of 3pm. As always, please review these reports with your child to best assess their overall achievement and progress in respective courses of study. In the event you desire clarification with comments on the reports, please contact your child’s teachers and guidance counselor.

Please remember that by forming a cohesive partnership our students (your children) will be best prepared to meet and exceed our global expectations to achieve.

On behalf of our instructional and non-instructional staff, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday with family and friends and for a healthy New Year.

Academic Department /Extra Curricula News

Science Department
Introduction to Science Research
Mr. McArdle

The middle school science research students are currently hard at work wrapping up their Toshiba Exploravision competition projects. EXPLORAVISION is an international science competition that goes beyond the typical student science competition and into what it takes to bring ideas to reality. There are four groups of three to four students each and they are currently working on the following projects; Lit Road – Piezoelectric crystals that power safe roads by illuminating painted surfaces from the pressure applied by cars on the road; EpiBracelet – A bracelet that can detect/prevent an allergic reaction before it starts and informs a parent/guardian/school of the situation; uDesk – a smart student desk that learns a students learning behaviors and modifies assignments so they are best suited for the student to the most optimal learning experience; and ProGlass – laser operated glasses that scan the users eyes and self adjust the glass lenses for the most optimal viewing based on vision and environmental factors. We wish all of our competitors the best of luck in this year’s competition.

Art Department
Mr. Gosnell

Grade 7 Art
Grade seven students created acrylic paintings on canvas. After learning about the color wheel and blending colors, students stretched their own canvases and did sketches of sailboats. We did rough draft paintings and applied what we learned to our final paintings on canvas.

Julia Jaklevic Jack Giovaniello Hanna DeSimone Nicole Gomez

Miles Eisenberg Benjamin Ward

Photography Class
In digital photo class, students learned about shutter speed when taking photos. Students used tripods and made long exposure images of the stars and of the Long Island Sound. The night sky images were exposures of up to two hours while the images of the Sound were about 15 second exposures.

Lily Saeli-grade 12 John Bertschi-grade 10 Quinn Osmer-grade 11

Abby Bolliver-grade 12 Ewa Mejsak-grade 12 Quinn Osmer-grade 11

Business Department
Mrs. Williams
Virtual Enterprise

Advanced Performance Athletics
Mrs. Williams Virtual Enterprise class is in full swing. They began their business with 9 members and submitted their Business Plan. The business plan includes all of the elements of a real business plan such as financial statements, mission statement, marketing mix, target market and so much more. They will attend their first trade show in the hope to build company sales. In January they present their plan to a panel of judges for potential investors. This is similar to the popular television show Shark Tank. The students are working incredibly hard and will be attending 3 trade shows in the near future.

Physical Education Department

Seniors Noah Mina and Paige Messana were recognized and awarded the Suffolk Zone award through NYS AHPERD (New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance) at an awards dinner on Wednesday, December 2nd at the Hyatt Regency Long Island at Wind Watch Golf Club.

Criteria for this prestigious recognition consists of students Physical Education Achievement (overall 90% average in high school PE); Scholastically Sound (students must maintain a grade point average of at least a 3.0 at the completion of their 11th grade year); Sustains outstanding character; Demonstrates leadership capacity in PE; Evidence that they held or maintain a leadership role in either an organization, club, or team; and is a role model.

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