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May Parent Newsletter

Monthly Parent Newsletter
May 2015
William R. Galati, Principal

This newsletter will serve as the last newsletter for the 2014-2015 school year. I would like to thank all families for their continued support, assistance, and cooperation during the school year. Parents (guardians) play a huge role in the education of students that enter our classrooms. It is imperative to have open and continual venues to communicate with you to best support your child’s overall academic, emotional and social development. Please continue to access my blog, like us on Facebook as well as access information through Twitter and certainly through the Athletic Department website to keep current with information over the summer and the onset of the new school year.

As the school year comes to a close, I invite you to reflect upon your (as well as your child’s) overall experience during the 2014-2015 school year most specific to the programs we provide and preparedness for your child’s future courses of study. I encourage you, whether it be prior to the conclusion of the school year or certainly over the summer to share with me in person or if you wish through a phone call or email any concerns you may have and/or valuable upgrades / ideas / concepts for us to consider in order to make you and your child’s experience valuable and positive.

An off-campus evacuation drill has been planned for Friday, May 22nd. As in the past, we will plan to dismiss from the building during period 8 and walk to St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church on Main Street. Once all students are in attendance, students will be released to board buses and depart from the church for their trip home. Please reference the parent letter that is posted on-line / sent home detailing the drill and if you have questions, feel free to contact the main office.

On Friday, May 15th the Junior class had their prom. The prom took place at Hotel Indigo in Riverhead. Pictures have been posted on the Athletic Department Website where you can see our students at the pre-prom and prom celebration. All students in attendance had a great time. Appreciation is extended to Mrs. Santiago, Junior Class advisor for all of her hard work in the planning and orchestration of the prom with her Junior-Class students.

Before long, the end of the school year will be upon us. Please be mindful that the last day of instruction will take place on Monday, June 15th. June 16th we begin final / Regents examinations. A formalized testing schedule has been posted for families on our webpage and students will be provided with a hard copy to reference in the upcoming weeks. It is expected that all students are in attendance during such testing. The official conclusion of the 2014-2015 school year is June 26th with our High School graduation to follow on June 27th.

With the warm weather upon us, families are encouraged to review with their child the BOE Appropriate Dress Policy and building expectations. In the event you need a copy of this document as a reference, please contact the main office. Students that are not dressed in appropriate attire will be requested to make contact with their home to obtain appropriate attire. If a pattern exists, appropriate discipline will follow.

Appreciation is extended to members of our PTA for their continued support and for the treats provided to our faculty and staff at teacher/staff appreciation day. We look forward to sustaining a collaborative bond for many years to come to further support student programs and essential items for instruction.

As the school year approaches yet another conclusion, on behalf of the instructional and non-instructional staff we wish you a safe, enjoyable, and relaxing summer vacation. We wish the graduates of 2015 the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Thank you for making this a successful school year!

Some Reminders

1. Common Core Geometry

On June 2nd all students enrolled in Common Geometry will be taking the State Regents examination in Common Core Geometry. The building will remain open for students in grades 7-12 to attend regularly scheduled classes (expect some displacement of classes/classrooms assignments).

Students that sit and take the Common Core Geometry Regents examination on June 2nd as per the NY State Education Department (SED) is allowing such students to sit for the 2005 Standard Geometry Regents examination scheduled for June 19th (which is encouraged). As per guidance provided by SED, the higher of the scores attained will be recorded on student transcripts.

Students that are not present on June 2nd to take the Common Core Regents examination will have to register to take the August administration of the examination at a district offering summer school. If a student misses the administration of the June 2nd Regents examination, they will not be considered to sit for the June 19th administration of the 2005 Standard Geometry Regents examination. A letter detailing the above should have been received in the mail. In the event you wish to receive additional clarity, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s mathematics teacher or guidance counselor.

2. 7th Grade Field Trip – June 2nd

7th grade students along with 7th grade teachers are planning a full day fishing trip on June 2ndon the Captain Eddie B III (insured United Coast Guard approved vessel) out of Captree State Park. The experience will support learning in biology, geography, oceanography and mathematics as well as support the philosophy of our advisory initiative aligned with team building and an authentic venue of learning. Students have been provided with a field trip permission slip to return to Mrs. Dakis. This great opportunity has been supported through Arts-in-Ed funding. In the event parents have questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Dakis or Ms. Cavallaro

3. Student Daily Attendance

Students are expected to be in school daily. In the event students are absent, a parent (guardian) is expected to make contact with Mrs. Claudio, district attendance clerk, informing her with the reason for absence. As per our BOE attendance policy, students will be in jeopardy for loss of course credit if they accrue 12 or more absences for semester based courses / 24 or more absences for full year courses. Please reference the attendance policy or contact your child’s guidance counselor if you have questions. Families also have the opportunity to view their child’s attendance daily through the Parent Portal.

Academic / Extra Curricula News

Ms. Foote, ELA

Ms. Foote’s 7th grade English class recently concluded a unit on poetry. The students took a walk around the school property on Earth Day to look for inspiration for their original Haiku poems. Also, with the assistance of our Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Johnson, they researched their career interests and developed Acrostic and Found poems. On April 30th, National Poem-In-Your-Pocket Day, the students recited their original poems on camera and received certificates for participation. Next, the students got silly with writing their Limerick poems, and reflective with their “I am…” poems. After reading and discussing poems by Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, and others, the students developed their own free verse and shape poems. Lastly, students wrote original poems for their mothers which were recited and presented to them on Mother’s Day!

Patricia Amato BSN, Patricia O’Day BSN- May 2015 – Nurses Office

Summer is a good time to see your child’s pediatrician for a physical and immunization check. All 7th and 10th graders are required by state law to have a physical on file in the health office. You may download the health appraisal form from the school website ( ) if you plan on going to your private doctor. Completed forms may be dropped off at the main office during the summer or by your child at the beginning of the school year. If your child receives any vaccinations, please send a copy of that as well. If you would like to have your child’s physical with our school doctor, Dr.Buono, please call the health office at 765-5400 ext 330 or 765-5080 to schedule an appointment. Physical dates will be posted on the athletic website as soon as they are available. If your child plans on playing a school sport, it is imperative that they have a recent physical on file with the school nurse.

If your child requires medication during school hours, please have the doctor complete the medication form that is found on the school website. Along with this form you may drop off the labeled prescribed medication the day before school begins to the health office. The school nurse cannot administer any prescribed or over the counter medication without a written doctors order.

If you have any health concerns about your child that you would like to discuss with the school nurse, please call the office at the above number.

Congratulations to the students who participated in the NYSSMA festivals this year.

Level VI Keaton Comiskey, Jazz Guitar
Nick Orientale, Vocal A+ 100 perfect score Aidan Walker, Cello A+ 100 perfect score
Level VI Meg Pickerell, Vocal A+ 97
Julia Saccamano, Cello A+ 98 Walker Sutton, Trombone
Level V Sam Basel, Cello A- 93
Gage Bennett, Vocal A+ 99 Gage Bennett, Tenor Saxophone
Ashley Hilary, Vocal A 95
Level IV Katie Baumann, Clarinet
Nicole Christman, Violin – Excellent
Julia Daddona, Violin – Excellent
Kathryn Jernick, Violin – Excellent
Owen Klipstein, Violin – Excellent
Jake McCarthy, Violin – Excellent Jamie Molnar, Violin – Excellent
Emily Pressler, Flute
Alessandra Ramirez, Violin – Excellent
Julia Schade, Violin – Excellent
Cora Small, Vocal – Outstanding
Jheimy Uguna, Viola – Excellent
Level III Mario Contreras, French Horn
Alex Kandora, Saxophone
Julie Mele, Woodwind Duet Althea Mignone, Woodwind Duet
Mark Moran, Woodwind Duet
Charlie Poliwoda, Woodwind Duet
Level II Adam Baldwin, Brass Trio
Joshua Clasing, Brass Trio
Evelyn Cummings, Woodwind Trio Walter Hildebrandt, Brass Trio
Katherine Jarvis, Woodwind Trio
Hannah Sutton, Woodwind Trio

Level VI Patrick Connolly, Alto Saxophone
Level V Sabrina Basel, Vocal A- 92
Bryanna Bay, Vocal A 93
Olivia Daddona, Baritone Kathryn Kilcommons, Flute
Ella Neese, Violin A 95
Level IV Sabrina Basel, Cello – Outstanding perfect score
Cole Brigham, Tenor Saxophone
Eric Connolly, Xylophone
Jacquelyn Constantine, Flute
Jacquelyn Constantine, Vocal – Outstanding
Jack Cosmadelis, Trumpet
Elizabeth Jernick, Flute
Kate Jones, Violin – Outstanding
Van Karsten, Vocal – Excellent
Jake Okula, Snare Drum
Emiliann Palermo, Vocal – Outstanding Emiliann Palermo, Clarinet
Angelina Ramirez, Clarinet
Emily Russell, Vocal – Outstanding perfect score
Emily Russell, Trumpet
Steven Russell, Clarinet
Dante Tramontana, Baritone Saxophone
Rhian Tramontana, Violin – Outstanding
Alexandra Weschler, Vocal – Excellent
Leif Wood, Vocal – Outstanding
Leif Wood, Violin – Excellent
Level III Jane Burns, Alto Saxophone
Michael Chacon, Violin – Excellent
Patrick Connolly, Flute
Michael Daddona, Bass – Outstanding
Will Dickerson, Vocal – Excellent
Gabrielle Drumm, Clarinet
Nicholas Eckhardt, Trumpet
Robert Elliston, Cello – Outstanding Felecia Kayel, Violin – Excellent
Jessica Mele, Viola – Outstanding
Simon Mraz, Vocal – Outstanding
Maxwell Pasko, Trumpet
Katie Patchell, Snare Drum
Olivia Saccamano, Violin – Excellent
Kaitlin Tobin, Violin – Excellent
Nick Vicinanza, Vocal – Outstanding
Level II John Judge, Alto Saxophone
Emma Quarty, Violin – Excellent Yao Yao Reilly, Cello – Outstanding
Julia Vicinanza, Clarinet
Level I Amanda Bardsley, Flute Emiliann Palermo, Tenor Saxophone

Spring Concert Dates:
Thursday, May 21st Senior High Concert 7:30pm
Thursday, May 28th Elementary Concert 7:00pm
Tuesday, June 2nd Junior High Concert 7:30pm
Thursday, June 4th Small Ensembles Concert 7:30pm