Career Academy for Students

The Academy of Corporate America
A Senior Career Academy
An Alternative Pathway for Seniors
Relationships, Relevance, Rigor

What is a Career Academy?
A Small Learning Community (a school within a school)
The integration of a business partnership / student internship
A rigorous, relevant, interdisciplinary educational model
What is a Career Academy? (Continued)

The Career Academy premise has the potential of making education more relevant to high school students through personalized and contextual learning while preparing students for successful careers and post secondary education.

What is a School Within a School Model?
A select group of seniors will move together through a series of classes, which will follow a thematic, rigorous, interdisciplinary, and business-related thread.
In addition to Academy Courses, students will take other required courses and electives.
An academy student will participate in special opportunities and field trips.

“Us or Up”
Course Descriptors
Virtual Enterprise
This course consists of developing a simulated business that is created and run by students. The course allows students to experience all facets of being an employee in an actual business environment. The virtual business has marketing, human resources, accounting, marketing, and sales departments.

VE students will attend a trade show in NYC, and a business plan competition in Farmingdale.
Course Descriptions Continued
College Accounting
This course will be an integral part of the Corporate America Academy. In this course, students will keep track of, manage, analyze and interpret financial records of various business enterprises including our virtual business. Students will use accounting related software in this course .
Course Descriptions Continued
Course Descriptions Continued
Course Descriptions Continued
The Internship
The Research Paper
Is The Academy of Corporate America a Viable Option for YOU? The Application Process ….
Benefits of Being Enrolled in the Academy of Corporate America

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