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Monthly Parent Newsletter
January 2015
William R. Galati, Principal

Happy New Year – good health and happiness in 2015!

I hope this correspondence finds you and your family safe after the most recent blizzard. Appreciation is extended to our custodial staff for clearing our parking areas and entrance to the building.

The second quarter (first semester) has come to a conclusion. Please expect second quarter report cards to be posted on the Parent Portal in the week ahead. Please review report cards with your child where you can assess your child’s academic growth as well as commentary from your child’s teachers to best assist and guide you in working with your child at home. As always, we welcome you to schedule either cluster meetings with your child’s teachers through your child’s guidance counselor or feel free to either email or call your child’s subject specific teacher directly to schedule a meeting to review your child’s work, progress, achievement as well as seek direction and guidance to further support your child’s academic development. In the event you still need to develop an account to access the Parent Portal, please contact Mrs. McDonald or your child’s guidance counselor.

We welcome Ms. Alissa Fragoletti to the mathematics department as a result to a recent and unexpected retirement within the department. Ms. Fragoletti will instruct students in grades 7 and 8 as Mr. Tulley will transition to instructing high school mathematics courses. The transition in instructional staff will take place on February 4th. A letter addressing this change has been crafted and sent to families that have students affected by the change of mathematics instructor. In the event families have questions, please contact me.

To further ensure and practice school safety, in the week(s) ahead we plan to complete a lockdown drill. The date and time of the drill will not be shared with students and faculty as we need to be prepared on all occasions to transition and be prepared for a building drill. As in the past, such drills have minimum impact on the day and should only last for 10-15 minutes of a period. All teachers and staff members have been informed of appropriate protocols and actions to take during such drills and in the event of an actual lockdown. Furthermore, teachers are currently reviewing in all classes safe sites and related protocols to follow in a lockdown. We plan to conduct additional fire drills as well as another off-campus drill in the spring.

The second semester begins Monday, February 2nd. Students and families are encouraged to log-into your Parent Portal account to review student schedules for the 2nd semester. In the event you wish to receive a hard copy of your child’s schedule please contact your child’s guidance counselor. A hard copy of second semester schedules was provided to students on Friday, January 30th.

Guidance counselors are currently pushing into classrooms to inform students about scheduling expectations for the 2015-2016 school year. We invite you to be part of the process by sitting with your child by reviewing with them course offerings and by following-up with your child’s respective guidance counselor. Programs of Study for middle level students (student’s currently in grades 6/7) and for high school students (student’s currently in grades 8-11) are posted on the building webpage for your reference – hard copies have been given to all students in their first period class a couple of weeks ago. If you wish to receive a hard copy, feel free to stop in the guidance office to receive a copy. As you will see in reviewing the respective Programs of Study, attempts have been made to include additional elective based courses; Please be informed that these courses will only be offered to students if such courses have sufficient student interest, can be supported by the respective instructional allocation within a department, complement the students schedule, as well as be supported through the 2015-2016 district budget. We are excited to offer a select group of seniors with a Career Academy option of study. Information detailing this authentic opportunity is outlined in a PowerPoint presentation posted on the building webpage. Additionally, further attempts will be made to share high school courses of study with Greenport High School – such decisions will be addressed as we move forward with the scheduling process.

The Junior-Senior High School Shared Decision Making (SDM) Team meets monthly. This team comprised of students, parents, community members and teachers discuss building related concerns. If you wish to voice and share a concern with the building SDM team, kindly email my secretary (Mrs. Albertson) at and we will gladly share your request with the team for review and potential resolution.

On a daily basis there are exceptional things taking place in our classrooms (during and after school). I invite you to review all classroom and extra curricula /sports accolades on my blog at or through Facebook – there are days in which the blog (Facebook) is updated with news multiple times – many great things are happening!

In closing, we are here to support you and your child to best prepare them to meet and exceed graduation requirements and to prepare them for life-long learning beyond high school. Please email or call us if you have concerns or need any clarification pertaining to the overall development of your child. By forming a cohesive partnership, our students (your children) will be best prepared to meet and exceed our global expectations to achieve.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and assistance – We wish our students the best of luck as they enter the second semester at Southold Junior-Senior High School.

Department News


Mr. McArdle – Science 7 Accelerated

Currently the science 7 accelerated students are studying about chemical reactions. The students have investigated how to identify that a chemical reaction took place, identify the types of chemical reactions, and how to balance a chemical equation.


Hampton’s Music Educators Association (HMEA)
Congratulations to the Middle School and High School students who were selected to participate in the HMEA Music Festival held this month. Students were chosen, based on their NYSSMA scores and teacher recommendation, to perform with other select students from the North and South Fork school districts. Students met for three rehearsals with esteemed guest conductors before performing in concert.

Southold High School
January 10, 16, 17
Bryanna Bay
Amanda Dickerson
Van Karsten
Olivia Lynch
Simon Mraz Band
Eric Connolly
Jacquelyn Constantine
Olivia Daddona
Kathryn Kilcommons
Emiliann Palermo
Angelina Ramirez
Emily Russell
Dante Tramontana Orchestra
Sabrina Basel
Michael Daddona
Kate Jones
Jessica Mele
Ella Neese
Rhian Tramontana

Eastport-South Manor High School
January, 17, 23, 24
Chorus Sam Basel
Gage Bennett
Ashley Hilary
Kathryn Jernick
Joseph Manfredi
Michaela Manno
Daniella Menjivar
Mario Contreras
Rob Kruszeski
Emily Pressler Orchestra
Nicole Christman
Rebecca Dickerson
Owen Klipstein
Jake McCarthy
Jamie Molnar
Alessandra Ramirez
Julia Saccamano
Julia Schade
Jheimy Uguna
Aidan Walker

Small Ensembles Concert
The Select Choir and Jazz Ensemble will hold their annual concert and fundraiser on Tuesday, January 27th. The fundraiser will begin at 7pm followed by a concert at 7:30pm. Please join us for a relaxed and entertaining evening as we journey through a timeline of “Television Theme Songs”.


The physical education department is currently participating in our annual dance program. All students in grades 7-12 have been working on several different types of dance including; hip hop, zumba and ballroom, as well as dances from Ireland, Africa, Latin America and a Southern barn dance.


The Southold DECA Club participated in the 2015 DECA Regional competition at Suffolk County Community College this past month and the students did a fantastic job coming home big. The team brought 80 members to the college and raked in awards.

First Place Winner
– Gus Rymer: Public Service Announcement
-Will Tondo: Job Interview-Entry Level
-Eddie Ward: Public Speaking Prepared
-Kirk Smith: Broadcast Advertising
-Steven Amato: Broadcast Advertising
Second Place Winners
– Billy Bucci: Wholesale Selling
-Sean Moran: Decision Making-Human Resources
-Willow Sutton: Job Interview-Entry Level

Third Place Winners
-Emma Alvarez: Principles of Marketing
-Emily Pressler: Travel and Tourism Team Test
-Julia Saccamano: Travel and Tourism Team Test
-Julie Vangorden: Public Service Visual

Top Ten Finalists
– Leah Baxendale: Principles of Finance
-Adam Best: Hospitality Services Team
– Angie Bucci: Food Marketing
-Rachel Burns: Restaurant and Food Service Management
-Davie Chicanowitz: Retail Merchandising
-Jackie Davey: Decision Making-Human Resources
-Ryan Digregorio: Business Management and Administration
-Mike Dolan: Hospitality Services Team
-Jack Dunne: Business Law and Ethics Team
-Doug Fiedler: Visual Advertisement
-Jen Jaklevic: Human Resources Management
-Shayne Johnson: Accounting Applications
-Robbie Kruzeski: Wholesale Selling
-Annie Lincoln: Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
-Tom Messana: Business Law and Ethics Team
– Noah Mina: Automotive Services and Marketing
-Jamie Molnar: Hospitality Services Team
-Meg Pickerell: Hospitality Services Team
– Greg Quist: Sales Demonstration
– Daisy Rymer: Principles of Marketing
-Megan Vanbourgandien: Public Service Visual
– Aidan Walker: Business Services Marketing
-Winter Wilcenski: Public Speaking Extemporaneous

Career Academy for Students

The Academy of Corporate America
A Senior Career Academy
An Alternative Pathway for Seniors
Relationships, Relevance, Rigor

What is a Career Academy?
A Small Learning Community (a school within a school)
The integration of a business partnership / student internship
A rigorous, relevant, interdisciplinary educational model
What is a Career Academy? (Continued)

The Career Academy premise has the potential of making education more relevant to high school students through personalized and contextual learning while preparing students for successful careers and post secondary education.

What is a School Within a School Model?
A select group of seniors will move together through a series of classes, which will follow a thematic, rigorous, interdisciplinary, and business-related thread.
In addition to Academy Courses, students will take other required courses and electives.
An academy student will participate in special opportunities and field trips.

“Us or Up”
Course Descriptors
Virtual Enterprise
This course consists of developing a simulated business that is created and run by students. The course allows students to experience all facets of being an employee in an actual business environment. The virtual business has marketing, human resources, accounting, marketing, and sales departments.

VE students will attend a trade show in NYC, and a business plan competition in Farmingdale.
Course Descriptions Continued
College Accounting
This course will be an integral part of the Corporate America Academy. In this course, students will keep track of, manage, analyze and interpret financial records of various business enterprises including our virtual business. Students will use accounting related software in this course .
Course Descriptions Continued
Course Descriptions Continued
Course Descriptions Continued
The Internship
The Research Paper
Is The Academy of Corporate America a Viable Option for YOU? The Application Process ….
Benefits of Being Enrolled in the Academy of Corporate America