September 2014

ART –Lily Saeli-(Mr. Gosnell)
This month’s recipient for Student of the Month is Lily Saeli. Lily is a fantastic art student and did a beautiful job on her Nature Drawing project and Surreal Eye project, both may be seen in the main hallway of the high school. She puts 110% effort into her projects and always does a great job on her art homework. Congratulations Lily!

NJROTC ––John Bertschi- Senior Chief Turner
The Cadet of the month for September is Cadet John Bertschi. John is maintaining a 100% academic average and he spends countless hours working in the Supply department. He volunteers his weekends at almost every NJROTC event and he always wears an impeccable uniform on uniform day. John’s loyalty to the corps of cadets and the unit reflects great credit upon himself and the overall success of this program. It is with great pride and pleasure that we recognize John Bertschi as NJROTC Cadet of the Month for September 2014.

ESL –Anderson Garcia- (Mr. Meyers)
In only his first month here at Southold High School, Anderson has already made an impression on both his teachers and his fellow students. Though he isn’t even close to mastering English yet, he’s already proven that he has both the skills and the desire to learn. If he continues on working the way he does, he’ll be absorbing our language in no time, and then it’ll be on to master the rest of his subjects.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – Alexi Saenz-(Ms. Rinaudo)
Alexi is a top physical education student and a fitness leader. He is almost always the first to finish the warm up run. Alexi is a true pleasure to have in class. Keep up the good work.

ENGLISH – Zach Gibbs-(Mr. Stahl)
Zach has shown incredible initiative in the new Lights, Sound, Camera, Action elective. Both in and out of class he has used his editing skills to produce professional broadcasts. We can thank Zach for u-streaming the pre Spirit Day video to all of the homerooms and we look forward to his production of more new and innovative programs.

BUSINESS EDUCATION– Will Tondo –(Mrs. Williams)
Will has come into his senior year with much energy and excitement. He is this year’s DECA president and is bringing many new students into our club. His organization with his college applications are exemplary. I think Will is an amazing asset to the Business Department and I am sure he is going to have a great senior year.

MATH-Bradley Mellas-(Ms. Bumble)
Bradley Mellas is the math student of the month. Brad is prepared for class and is working hard to succeed in math.

ORCHESTRA- Jake McCarthy-(Mrs. Grathwohl)
Jake volunteered to remain in the second violin section this year and is the clear section leader. He has attended after school sessions and has independently learned some very difficult bow techniques. Jake is always willing to do whatever is needed for the success of the orchestra.

September 2014

ART –Kat Kilcommons-(Mr. Gosnell)
This month’s recipient for Student of the Month is Kat Kilcommons. Kat did superior work on all of her art assignments and completed all of her homework this quarter. Kat is a great art student overall. Congratulations Kat Kilcommons!

ENGLISH –John Judge-(Mrs. Dakis)
John has been an active class participant since the first day of school. He is always prepared for class and brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to every lesson. John works hard to be the best he can be and is an inspiration to his peers.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION—Cole Brigham—(Ms. Mulrain)
Cole Brigham is always a willing learner. He comes to class ready to participate in any activity and encourages his classmates to try their best. Cole is not only a willing learner but has displayed excellent listening skills over the past few weeks. His attitude towards physical education and learning in general is an inspiration to those around him!

ORCHESTRA- Emma Quarty-Whittington-(Mrs. Grathwohl)
Emma has grown into a fine musician this month. She has learned her music well and has attended all her lessons. She is becoming a leader in the violin section. Emma consistently volunteers to answer questions and helps in any way she can.

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