November 2013

  Dear Parents,

 Over 13 million children will be bullied this year in America, making it the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the nation. In 2011, a documentary called, “The Bully Project” was released and was filmed over the 2010-2011 school year. This film shows how bullying touched the lives of five children and their families.

 Students in grades 9-12 will have the opportunity to view this film in its entirety, which is rated PG-13, in an assembly format on November 26, 2013. Students in grades 7-8 will have the opportunity to view the shortened version of this film in an assembly format on November 25, 2013. Both grade levels will participate in a brief discussion prior to showing the film. Due to Parent-Teacher Conferences, both viewings will conclude at the 10:48 AM dismissal time.

 Upon the student body’s return from the Thanksgiving holiday break, there will be follow-up lessons in each Physical Education class on Monday, December 2nd and Tuesday, December 3rd. This lesson/discussion will help students to make connections between the film and their experiences, what students can do to help themselves and each other, and resources for students to take away with them. We hope that viewing this film helps our students, staff, faculty, parents, and the community take one step closer to making a change in the future.

 If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact Mrs. Santiago, the school social worker, at (631) 765-5400, ext. 350 or by email at jsantiago@southoldufsd.com





William R. Galati                                             Jessica Santiago

Principal                                                          Social Worker

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