November 5, 2013

  Dear Parents/Guardians:

 I am writing to inform you that an Emergency Evacuation Drill will be conducted with students at the Junior-Senior High School on Friday, November 15, 2013. The drill will take place during regular school hours and should take no more than one hour to complete.  In the event of inclement weather we request for students to dress accordingly as we still plan to host the drill.

 The purpose of having an emergency evacuation is in the event the district is subject to maintaining the questionable safety for students and staff as a result of an internal or external factor that can jeopardize the safety and welfare of all stakeholders.  This drill will educate students and staff with proactive measures as well as with safe and expedient procedures to follow in the event of an emergency.  With this being said, students and staff will be escorted off district grounds (by foot) to St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church on Main Street until the district including, but not limited to, corresponding buildings and grounds have been deemed safe by local law enforcement personnel for both students and staff to return. Being that this drill is scheduled at the end of the day, students will be dismissed from St. Patrick’s RCC to board buses home (student walkers and students that have after school activities back on campus will also be dismissed at this time to either go home or return back to campus to attend activities).  Being that we are releasing students directly from St. Patrick’s RCC, please anticipate that your child might arrive home earlier than normal.

 Our goal is not to heighten student’s anxiety.  In that regard, the instructional staff will be discussing the purpose of this drill in advance with students.  I would appreciate it if you can take a few minutes at home with your children to reinforce the importance of conducting this drill prior to the planned drill on Friday, November 15th.

 Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation. In the interim, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours truly,

 William R. Galati

Junior-Senior High School Principal



Please note that all students will either be considered as walkers or will take the bus from St. Patrick’s.  If parents wish to pick up their child after the evacuation drill, please meet your child back on campus.

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