Southold Junior-Senior High School                                  Jessica Santiago, School Social Worker


Programs to Support Awareness as Well as the Overall Social and Emotional Needs of Students


Outdoor MovIe Nights with Mrs. Santiago and Miss Penny:
The Southold Library and the Southold Jr/Sr High School will show a series of movies centered on bullying: Mean Girls, Odd Girl Out, Cyber bully and concluding with Bully. A discussion will be held at the last movie event. All movies are PG-13 and will be held outside at the Southold Junior Senior High School. Refreshments provided.


MovIe nights are:
Friday, October 4th
Thursdays: October 10th, 17th, and 24th
7:30 PM for Grades 7-12

National Teen Driver Safety Week: October 21st – 25th
This year, we received several grants (Allstate, State Farm, and Youth Service America) that will support a distracted driver education program. This program will be running all year, but some of (not all known at this time) the activities involved in this project will be:


An assembly will be held on October 23rd for grades 10-12. The speaker, Karen Torres, will be addressing distracted driving and its consequences on life and hers in particular. Additionally, we will hear from a former educator whose life changed drastically when he killed someone while driving under the influence.


Throughout this week, an automobile that was involved in an accident will be placed on the front lawn of the high school. This visual landmark will help to increase the impact of distracted driving to the students and the community. A sign will be placed near the car to further educate people on its purpose. (pending) In addition, the SADD club will be sponsoring a contest during this week. The goal is to get students thinking about distracted driving and to help educate students on what distracted driving exactly is.


Other components of this program will involve the development of a P.S.A. commercial to be run on 101.7 and a logo contest for the Drive Wise program. Additionally, this program will make a connection between the community and the school through the student’s education of driver safety throughout Southold. Signs displayed on Oaklawn Avenue and in the village will help educate the community about distracted driving.


October 23rd -31st: National Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week is a national week of awareness for alcohol and substance abuse. Throughout this week, there will be some information provided to students about substance use, as well as, teaser activities to get the students thinking about the subject.


November/December: Friendship Matters Groups 

Throughout these months, junior high school female students will receive the Friendship Matters workshop. This workshop discusses the social relationships among girls. This year, a component of the workshop will feature promoting healthy views of self in reference to self-esteem and body image. Additionally, a portion of the group will involve positive role models and their views on empowering females.


January-date TBD
Project Alert Workshop:
This workshop is derived from the Project Alert Substance Abuse Education Curriculum and is for junior high school students.


During a two period workshop, the students will work in groups with a high school peer leader on a problem situation involving peer pressure. The students will create a skit that will then be performed in front of the other groups.


January 31-Youth Empowerment Seminar Assembly
The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department will be coming to present to the senior students who will be attending the YES tour of the Riverhead County Jail. This presentation will involve expectations of the students on the trip, as well as, some information about incarceration.


The two trips to the Riverhead Jail will be on February 3rd and 4th. Students are divided by classes – there is no ability for students to choose which day they will attend.




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