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Principal’s September 2013 Newsletter

August 2013


On behalf of the instructional and non-instructional staff at Southold Junior-Senior High School, welcome back to school! We hope you had time over the summer to have fun, relax, and spend quality time with family and friends.


The 2013-2014 school year promises to be a very exciting and inspirational year.    The first day of school is Monday, September 9th.  Once again, student council will coordinate a meet and greet on the front grounds of the high school (weather permitting) followed by opening greetings and calling upon students by grade level to enter their school through the front doors of the high school to initiate the start of the 2013-2014 school year.


We have rolled out Parent Portal through our E-School Student Management System.  By this time I am hoping that you have received communication from Mr. Ryan Case, Director of District Educational Technology, informing families on how to gain access to the Parent Portal and log-in information.  Questions pertaining to this new initiative should be directed to Mr. Case at  Being that we have instituted the Parent Portal, we will no longer mail home student schedules and all related school-opening information.  You are able to access your child’s 2013-2014 academic schedules through the Parent Portal (effective August 23rd) as well as access the Portal and our website to review all information leading to the first day of school and beyond.  In addition, all interim reports and quarterly grade reports will be posted on the Parent Portal – these reports will no longer be mailed to families.  In the event you do not have a computer or internet access, feel free to speak directly with your child’s guidance counselor so that a paper copy of student reports and/or pertinent information can be provided. 


Please have your child bring with them on the first day of classes (September 9th) their schedule posted on the Parent Portal.  All students in their first period class will be provided with a schedule as potential changes may result in student schedules leading up to the first day of classes.  In the event you have questions/concerns pertaining to your child’s academic schedule, please schedule an appointment with your child’s guidance counselor prior to the start of school.  Please see the posted welcome back letter which includes days and hours where counselors will be available prior to the onset of school to meet with students and families for any scheduling questions/concerns.


It is expected that all students dress respectfully and appropriately for school on a daily basis.  Posted on the building webpage is the district expectation for proper dress attire for all students.  In the event, a student is assessed by any building stakeholder as wearing inappropriate attire, the student will be requested to report to the Dean of Students (Mr. Michael Brostowski) office where the student will be requested to contact the home for proper attire to be brought to school.  In the event a pattern of inappropriate attire continues, appropriate discipline will be awarded. 


Students in 7th grade will have advisory during period 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The advisory initiative has been established to best support students’ academic, social, and emotional needs.  Advisory is backed to their 5th period lunch {lunch is first, followed by going to advisory} – (Monday-Wednesday-Friday, students will have recess).  Teachers over the summer had the opportunity to reflect, meet, plan, and re-develop meaningful and relevant activities to implement and use during advisory to further support our students during these developmental years of learning. 


During the 2013-2014 school year, we intend to continue to provide the instructional staff with on-going and meaningful professional development aligned with a Common Core focus most specifically in literacy, ELA, mathematics and science.  New teachers will be working with Dr. Nancy Doda refining lessons that include essential best practices, instilling rigor and relevance into their lesson development and delivery.


The district office, the guidance office and the Library Media Center have been installed with new carpeting.  Some instructional locations have been shifted in the building to make better sense to meet student’s instructional needs as well as to create better departmental collaboration.  Upgrades and renovations will continue during the 2013-2014 school year. As always, appreciation is extended to Mr. Dan Tuthill and his staff for their hard work in cleaning and preparing our school and campus for the new school year.


We have a gifted staff that is student-centered and place the best interest of learning for all students as a pivotal focus to their work. The programs and courses provided to students are rigorous and are designed to challenge students to learn and best prepare them for local/State assessments, Regents examinations, and preparation for college and/or careers.  Teachers have established curricula objectives and modalities to best support student learning and promote student achievement to exceed the demands as outlined by the State education department and meet demands of NY State graduation requirements.  A vast array of extra-curricular clubs, activities and sports are available for students to extend their learning in a different dimension upon the conclusion of the school day.  Please view on the school webpage our course offering catalogues as well as the extra curricula opportunities that are available for our students.


As a result of retirements and shifts in instructional / non-instructional personnel, we welcome the following new members to the Junior-Senior High School: Mrs. Donna Mosquera, secretary in PPS; Mrs. Jeannine Contino, building aide; Mr. Ryan Case, Director of District Instructional Technology; Mr. Michael Brostowski, Director of Athletics / Dean of Students; Mr. Gregory Tulley, mathematics; Mr. Timothy McArdle, science; Mr. Jason Wesnofske, technology; Ms. Pamela Foots, special education; Dr. Amy Prager, special education; and Mr. Vaughn Locascio, special education and Jean Dempsey as our Library-Media Specialist.  We wish all of our new faculty and staff members many years of happiness at Southold.


We will be hosting a 7th grade orientation program for parents (guardians) and students on Tuesday, August 27th at 7pm in the district auditorium.  The program is anticipated to take approximately one and one half hours where families will be provided with essential information pertaining to middle level education and additional opportunities to best support their child’s academic, social, and emotional development.  Wednesday, August 28th, 9th grade students (students only) are invited to attend a 9th grade orientation program at 11:30am in the district auditorium.  Here too, students will be provided with essential information to best support them as they embark on the high school experience leading to graduation.


The School Day:

  • Similar to last year, homeroom will be part of 1st period.  Students are expected to be in their first period class by 7:50am.
  • Students are expected to abide by the rules and regulations as outlined in the building/district’s Code of Conduct and District Dress Code.  Parents are encouraged to review contents of the Code of Conduct / District Dress Code with their child to become familiar with both policies.  This information can be found on our district webpage.
  • Students are expected to dress appropriately for school and to abide by the policy set forth regarding phone and technological devices.  Revisions/modifications to related policies are forthcoming with the new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) district initiative and use of student chromebooks for select grade levels.
  • All locks have been removed from student lockers – students are encouraged to place their own locks on these lockers to secure belongings.  Furthermore, if such locks are placed on lockers, students are expected to provide Mrs. Albertson in the main office with combinations or a spare key.
  • Agenda books will be distributed to all students through their physical education classes during the first week of school.  Students are encouraged to use this journal to record homework assignments as well as to reference important building/district information.  This book will also serve as a student pass-book.
  • Students are encouraged to attend extra help with their teachers on a daily basis.  Extra help is offered by all teachers Monday through Friday from 2:30-2:45pm.


Some Additional Highlights:

  • Testing dates for middle school NY State assessments in mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), and science, for all students in seventh and eighth grade have been determined by the State Education Department and have been posted on the district website so that you can plan accordingly with your family and child. 
  • Please reference the Middle School Assessment Schedule (for in-class assessments only) posted as an attachment on the Principal’s webpage so that you and your child can plan accordingly for all in-class assessments in grades 7 and 8.
  • Please review the Junior-Senior High School website on a regular basis for new and pertinent building level and department information.
  • Open House is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10th at 6:30pm. The evening will begin with a review of some highlights followed by a brief presentation by Mr. Brostowski, Dean of Students/Director of Athletics regarding the Dignity Act.  Parents/Guardians will then visit their child’s teachers for a general overview of respective courses of study and related expectations.
  • On September 28th we will celebrate homecoming.  Additional information regarding homecoming and events leading to homecoming will be forthcoming.   
  • Booster Clubs membership – representatives of PTA, Music Boosters and the Athletic Association will be available at upcoming events – please join and support our Booster Clubs!


On behalf of the instructional and non-instructional staff at Southold Junior –Senior High School we look forward to our collaborative work together to support your child’s academic and social development.  I encourage you to make contact with your child’s teachers and guidance counselor on a regular basis to support your child’s Junior-Senior High School experience.


I wish all our students and families a successful 2013-2014 school year! 


Yours truly,


William R. Galati

William R. Galati