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November 2017 Newsletter


Monthly Parent Newsletter
November 2017

William R. Galati, Principal


The fall season has certainly arrived with shorter daylight, leaves changing color and the conclusion of the first marking period.


The first quarter concluded on November 9th with posting of grades on the Parent Portal on November 17th.  In the event you are not able to access your child’s grades, please contact the guidance office to obtain a hard copy of your child’s first quarter report card.


Parent-Teacher conferences will take place (took place) on Tuesday, November 21st for students in grades 7-12.  In the event you were unable to schedule an appointment to meet with your child’s teachers, you are encouraged to email or call them directly to plan an alternate date/time to meet.


We request your support and assistance in reinforcing with your children the following building expectations:

  1. Students are requested to attend school on time.  First period begins at 7:50am.  Families are requested to report all absences to Mrs. Claudio, the District Attendance Clerk.
  2. Students are expected to wear appropriate attire to school on a daily basis.  If students select to wear inappropriate attire in not keeping with our building and BOE policy, appropriate discipline will be awarded.
  3. As per our BOE policy, students are not allowed to use, sell or be in the possession of E-Cigarettes.  If students are found to be in the possession or use of this device, appropriate discipline will be awarded.
  4. Students are allowed to have clear water bottles containing water while in school, however are not allowed to have beverages other than water in the classrooms and halls.


In the weeks ahead, please expect to see the posting on our website to the 2018-2019 Program of Study for both Middle School and High School.  Both documents have been revised and contain new exciting opportunities for students for the 2018-2019 school year.


The early winter sports season has begun.  We congratulate our sports students for their fall season achievement.  Please access the Southold Settler’s Athletic Department webpage for upcoming game schedules and come out and support our teams.


As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teachers or certainly myself.  By forming a cohesive partnership our students (your children) will be best prepared to meet and exceed global expectations to achieve and reap the rewards of a well rounded education.  Please access my principal blog at or follow me at Twitter at PrincipalGalati for most current and relevant school related updates and highlights.


Best regards and have a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!





News from Academic Departments and Clubs


Mrs. Buonaiuto, Reading 7-12

The Importance of Reading and Writing beyond the Classroom

As adults, we know how important reading and writing is in our everyday lives.  Reading can help children and teens find ways not only to understand cultures and worlds but also themselves.  Writing can help them find ways to communicate their ideas.

You can help support your child in literacy learning all year long.

What can you do?

  • Let your child see you engaging in everyday literacy activities, like reading the newspaper or making a grocery list and talk about what you do.
  • Read and write to your child or teen. Share audio books, read aloud to them, leave a letter expressing your pride in an accomplishment.  This encourages reading and demonstrates the power of words.
  • Share a love for reading and writing together. Read books your child is currently reading in the classroom, read magazines or websites and then discuss them together.  Write a journal, scrapbook, or blog as a family.

Check out these engaging resources:  Library of nonfiction and literary articles to support reading comprehension.  Engaging ways to help kids and teens with their reading and writing skills.  Here you can find activities and projects, online games and tools, tips and how to help, print outs and podcasts.  A collection of films, photo essays, articles and resources


Ms. Rizzo, Family and Consumer Science

7th Grade Home and Career students are learning about Food Preparation using a website called


Culinary Arts I: Students are working on a community service project with the Interact club members in making pumpkin bread for the Southold Rotary Club.


Mr. Chorao, Science

This month in Earth Science, students used transparent hemispheres to track the apparent motion of the Sun across the sky.  After mounting the hemispheres on paper with cardinal directions indicated, they used protractors, rulers, string and markers to inscribe the Sun’s motions during key dates throughout the year.  Working together, students estimated where the sun would be on their models on that day and hour.  They then took their Sun-sky models and compasses outside and used shadows cast upon their models to gauge the accuracy of their earlier estimates.  Later, by measuring the angular distance of the sun’s path, students were able to determine the earth’s rate of rotation.


Mrs. Santiago, Social Worker

The Southold Junior Class will be hosting their Annual Santa Breakfast on Saturday, December 2nd from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM in the Southold Elementary School. Breakfast will cost $7.00 per person or $25.00 for a family of four. There will be pictures with Santa, a holiday raffle, bake sale, holiday sing-along, and crafts with our Junior Class Elves. Please come down to support Prom 2018 by enjoying a breakfast filled with pancakes, bacon, eggs, bagels and home fries.


Mrs. Marra, Health

High School Health, Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology

On November 8th and 9th, a guest speaker from the Maurer Foundation spoke to the High School Health, Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology classes about breast health. The Maurer Foundation’s mission is to save lives through breast health education that focuses on breast cancer prevention, healthy lifestyle choices, early detection, and risk reduction. In addition to the presentation, students were taught how to do a proper breast self-exam to detect potentially dangerous tumors.


Mrs. Ellwood, English

8th grader Ellie Alloway’s poem “Inner Escape” was selected as a winner of the 2017 Poetry for Peace local poetry contest sponsored by  the Temple Tifereth Israel.  Ellie will be honored at a poetry reading and awards ceremony at the Mattituck Library on Sunday 11/19.





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September 2017 Principal Message

September 2017 Principal Message

Welcome Back Newsletter – August 2017

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Monthly Parent Newsletter – May 2017

Monthly Parent Newsletter
May 2017

William R. Galati, Principal


This newsletter will serve as the last newsletter for the 2016-2017 school year.  I would like to thank all families for their continued support, assistance, and cooperation during the school year. Parents (guardians) play a huge role in the education of students that enter our classrooms.  It is imperative to have open and continual venues to communicate with you to best support your child’s overall academic, emotional and social development.  Please continue to access my blog, like us on Facebook as well as access information through Twitter and certainly through the Athletic Department website to keep current with information over the summer and the onset of the new school year.


On Tuesday, May 9th we recognized students for their academic accomplishments and inducted them into the Southold National Honor Society. Congratulations to all students inducted and wish them continued success.


Congratulations to Dr. Santiago who has been awarded a PhD from St. John’s University in History.  We are proud of Dr. Santiago’s achievement!


As we approach the conclusion of the school year we invite you to reflect upon your (as well as your child’s) overall experience during the 2016-2017 school year most specific to the programs we provide and preparedness for your child’s future courses of study / college and career readiness.  I encourage you, whether it be prior to the conclusion of the school year or certainly over the summer to share with me in person or if you wish through a phone call or email any concerns you may have and/or valuable upgrades / ideas / concepts for us to consider in order to make your and your child’s experience valuable and positive.


We welcome Ms. Jade Turdik, Clerk Typist (main office secretary) and Ms. Megan Seminario, Senior Clerk Typist (Principal’s secretary) to Southold. Upon visiting the main office, please introduce yourself to our new clerical team.


A mailing took place with information regarding the Social Host Law.  It is imperative that all families review the print information and in the event of any questions to contact Officer Bill Brewer, Southold PD or Mrs. Santiago, social Worker.


An off-campus evacuation drill took place on Friday, May 19th.  Prior to the conclusion of the school year we will continue practicing both fire drills and lock-down drills to further learn the protocols needed in the event of an emergency.


Before long, the end of the school year will be upon us.  Please be mindful that the last day of instruction will take place on Monday, June 12th.  June 13th we begin final / Regents examinations.  A formalized testing schedule has been posted for families on our webpage as well as through the PTA Constant Contact; additionally, students have been provided with a hard copy of the schedule so they can begin preparing for testing. It is expected that all students are in attendance during testing.  The official conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year is June 23rd with our High School graduation to follow on June 24th.


With the warm weather upon us, families are encouraged to review with their child the BOE Appropriate Dress Policy and building expectations.  In the event you need a copy of this document as a reference, please contact the main office.  Students that are not dressed in appropriate attire will be requested to make contact with their home to obtain appropriate attire.  If a pattern exists, appropriate discipline will follow.


Appreciation is extended to members of our PTA for their continued support and for the treats provided to our faculty and staff at teacher/staff appreciation day.  We look forward to sustaining a collaborative bond for many years to come to further support student programs and essential items for instruction.


Planning Ahead:

  • Congratulations to all of our spring sports teams for bringing forth good effort and sportsmanship. Please access the Settler’s homepage for a listing all remaining games and championship dates;
  • High School Spring Concert and Art Show is Tuesday, May 23rd / Middle School Spring Concert and Art Show is Thursday, June 1st / Small Ensemble is Tuesday, June 6th;
  • NJROTC Awards is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30th;
  • Varsity Awards Night is Thursday, June 8th / Senior Athletic Dinner is Thursday, June 15th


As the school year approaches yet another conclusion, on behalf of the instructional and non-instructional staff we wish you a safe, enjoyable, and relaxing summer vacation.  We wish the graduates of 2017 the best of luck in their future endeavors!


Thank you for making this a successful school year!


Some Reminders


  1. Student Daily Attendance


Students are expected to be in school daily.  In the event students are absent, a parent (guardian) is expected to make contact with Mrs. Claudio, district attendance clerk, informing her with the reason for absence.  As per our BOE attendance policy, students will be in jeopardy for loss of course credit if they accrue 12 or more absences for semester based courses / 24 or more absences for full year courses.  Please reference the attendance policy or contact your child’s guidance counselor if you have questions.  Families also have the opportunity to view their child’s attendance daily through the Parent Portal.


Academic / Extra Curricula News


Emilia Dakis, English 7:

Students are building on something they did in 6th grade called Genius Hour. Here at the Jr. /Sr. High we are calling it Genius 41. Students are developing their own projects and taking them through from the idea phase to a final product. Throughout the month, students will be brainstorming, researching, drafting and revising proposals and presentations, building prototypes, and presenting to the class. Projects include everything from building a new fidget device and researching their benefits to struggling learners to researching and creating a new sport. This hands-on, student-centered activity has the students very excited!
From the Health Office- Mrs. Amato, Mrs. O’Day

This is a reminder to all parents of students in 11th grade that the meningococcal vaccine is required before entry into 12th grade. Please have your child see their doctor for this vaccination as soon as possible. Once the vaccine is given, please fax the copy of immunization to the attention of the health office at 765-1387. You may also mail the confirmation to 420 Oaklawn Avenue, Southold New York 11971.

Summer is a good time to see your child’s pediatrician for a physical and immunization check. All 7th and 10th graders are required by state law to have a physical on file in the health office. You may download the health appraisal form from the school website (, if you plan on going to your private doctor. Completed forms may be dropped off at the main office during the summer or by your child at the beginning of the school year. If your child receives any vaccinations, please send a copy of that as well. If you would like to have your child’s physical with our school doctor, Dr. Buono, please call the health office at 765-5400 ext 330 or 765-5080 to schedule an appointment. Physical dates will be posted on the athletic website as soon as they are available.  If your child plans on playing a school sport, it is imperative that they have a recent physical on file with the school nurse. In addition to this, the Southold Athletic Sports Contract must be completed to play each sport. This too is on the school website.

If your child requires medication during school hours, please have the doctor complete the medication form that is found on the school website. You will find this form under Nurse’s Corner.  Along with this form you may drop off the labeled prescribed medication on August 31st or September 5th to the health office. The school nurse cannot administer any prescribed or over the counter medication without a written doctors order.

If you have any health concerns about your child that you would like to discuss with the school nurse, please call the office at the above number.

Monthly Parent Newsletter – April 2017

Monthly Parent Newsletter
April 2017

William R. Galati, Principal


The third quarter has come to a close and grades have been posted to the Parent Portal (as of April 28th) with related comments.  Please review the information received on your child’s report card with your child as it is expected that all students are achieving appropriately in all courses of study.  It is imperative to make contact with your child’s teachers and certainly with their guidance counselor.  If you desire any clarification with information shared on the report card and/or need assistance with any strategies to best assist your child in achieving a level of mastery with their studies, please contact the appropriate people to best assist.


Congratulations to our Robotics team for their most recent achievement at Hofstra University and for having a great build season. Appreciation is extended to Mr. Santiago and chaperones for supporting our tenth graders on the most recent Europe trip.  Students had a memorable experience!


National Honor Society inductions will be taking place on May 9th at 7pm in the auditorium.  Please contact Mr. Stahl for additional details.  


Before long, the end of the school year will be upon us.  Please be mindful that the last day of instruction will take place on Monday, June 12th.  June 13th we begin final / Regents examinations.  The testing schedule was mailed a couple of weeks ago.  In addition, the testing schedule has been posted for families on our webpage and students will be provided with a hard copy in the weeks leading to the end of the school year. It is expected that all students are in attendance during such testing.  The official conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year is June 23rd with our High School graduation to follow on June 24th. Please plan accordingly to assist and support your child with all upcoming testing obligations.


Congratulations to Robby Kruszeski, class Valedictorian and to Meg Pickerell, class Salutatorian.  Robby and Meg are two great students that have demonstrated compassion for learning and established a focused and determined mindset to achieve.  Congratulations!


On April 6th, Mrs. Santiago hosted a parent / student meeting in preparation for the Junior Prom.  The prom will be taking place on Friday, May 12th at Breeze Hill Farms.  In the event your child has intentions of attending the prom and you were not available to attend this meeting, it is important to make contact with Mrs. Santiago to receive prom related details and expectations.


Prior to the conclusion of the school year, we expect to continue to practice school safety procedures by engaging in lockdown drills, fire drills and an off-campus evacuation drill.  An off-campus drill to St. Patrick’s RRC is planned to take place on Friday, May 19th starting on/about 1:30pm where students will be released and bused home from the off-campus evacuation site.  Details pertaining to the drill (for May 19th) have been mailed home.  In the event you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the main office.  


Congratulations to Mr. Gosnell and to all student artists that have put together an exceptional display of student art work at the Southold Free Library and be amazed as you see our student’s artistic talents on display.  The exhibit will be on display through the month of April.  


With the warm weather approaching it is expected that all students are dressed in accordance and abide to the BOE approved Southold UFSD dress code.  If students are in questionable and/or inappropriate attire, students will be meeting with Mr. Flanagan, Athletics Director / Dean of Students where appropriate discipline will be awarded.  In the event you need a copy of the policy, please don’t hesitate to call the high school office.


During the months of April through June, students will be taking State assessments in ELL (NYSELAT) and science (Grade 8 only).  Below, is the State assessment schedule for your reference outlining remaining State Assessments to be administered (a letter addressing the same has also been mailed).


2016-2017 Middle School State Assessment Schedule


Assessment Administration Dates Make-up Dates
NYSELAT Speaking April 10th – May 14th During Testing Window
NYSELAT Listening, Writing and Reading May 8th  – 19th   During Testing Window
Grade 8 Science Performance Test Tentatively – May 24th  (during class)   During Testing Window
Grade 8 Science Written June 5th June 6th – 7th


Some Reminders


  1. Student Daily Attendance


Students are expected to be in school daily.  In the event students are absent, a parent (guardian) is expected to make contact with Mrs. Claudio, district attendance clerk, informing her with the reason for absence.  As per our BOE attendance policy, students will be in jeopardy for loss of course credit if they accrue 12 or more absences for semester based courses / 24 or more absences for full year courses.  Please reference the attendance policy or contact your child’s guidance counselor if you have questions.  Families also have the opportunity to view their child’s attendance daily through the Parent Portal.


  1. Laser Light Show – Middle School Students


Through the generosity of the PTA, middle level students in grades 7 and 8 will be provided with a Laser Light Show on May 8th during period 9.


  1. Social Media


It is imperative that we all demonstrate proper use of all social media venues to share and post select information so that we are not compromising the character and image of anyone. Students are continually informed of related expectations which are reinforced by our instructional stakeholders and it is requested that parents support and reinforce the same with children at home.  


Department / Activity-Club News


Interact – Blood Drive

Ms. Gilmore & Mrs. Salmaggi

The Interact Club will host our annual Blood Drive on Wednesday, May 17.  Any student who would like to donate needs photo ID.  16 and 17-year-old students may donate but only with the required parental permission form signed and properly filled out.  All students who intend to donate should eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of fluids beforehand.  Please see Ms. Gilmore or Mrs. Salmaggi for details.


The Interact Club will also run a “purple pinkie” fundraiser during the blood drive.  Students may contribute $1.00 to have their pinkie colored purple and sign the “purple pinkie” banner; all proceeds go to Rotary International’s fund to eradicate polio in the world. 


The club would like to thank everyone who donated to our “General Needs” drive.  We collected three large bins of new socks and undergarments for Long Island homeless veterans.  Special thanks to the Southold Pharmacy for their efforts and to the Southold Fire Department; the department donated a check for $500.00 to the fund to help support our local, homeless veterans.  


Family & Consumer Science

Ms. Rizzo

8th grade Home and Career Skills students will be working on a Career Exploration project using Google slides. 


Monthly Parent Newsletter March 2017

Monthly Parent Newsletter
March 2017

William R. Galati, Principal

Spring is here!  And, spring break is around the corner.  The school year is running by quickly.

Currently, students are meeting with their respective guidance counselors finalizing course requests for the 2017-2018 school year.  Please expect for your child to share with you such requests and in the event you or your child wish to revise course selections, please schedule a meeting with your child’s guidance counselor for advisement.  All elective based courses will only run based upon sufficient enrollment and pending appropriate budgetary support.  For descriptors of all anticipated courses offered to students, please review the Program of Study posted on our website or contact Mr. Crimi or Ms. Cavallaro in guidance.

The performance of Les Miserable’s took place last week.  This was truly an outstanding production with great talent showcased by our students.  Appreciation is extended to our students, parents, and the Southold Community for their continued support given to the Theatre Arts department in making this production a positive experience for our students.  I appreciate the hard work and dedication our talented students devoted to this production.

The annual Military Ball took place on Friday, March 24th.  Similar to all years – the Cadets and their guests at the event looked great and all had a great time.  Thank you to our NJROTC team for making this a great experience.

The Robotics Team will be competing at Hofstra University this week – please come out and see our students in action and be introduced to the team’s robot.  Appreciation is extended to our parents for their continued support and assistance in once again making this opportunity a reality for our students.

Students are expected to be in school daily.  In the event students are absent, a parent (guardian) is expected to make contact with Mrs. Claudio, district attendance clerk, informing her with the reason for absence.  As per our BOE attendance policy, students will be in jeopardy for loss of course credit if they accrue 12 or more absences for semester based courses / 24 or more absences for full year courses.  Even if a student is late with parental support, the lateness is still deemed as being not excused.  Please reference the attendance policy or contact your child’s guidance counselor if you have questions.

As the warmer weather approaches, we request parents to review with their child our dress code expectation policy.  Students are advised to dress appropriately for school daily.  In the event students select to dress inappropriately, students will be requested to make contact with the home for a parent (guardian) to bring to school appropriate attire and/or will be provided with appropriate discipline if a pattern is observed.

As the weather improves fire drills and off-campus drills will be scheduled to take place.  We will have an evacuation drill (early dismissal drill) to St. Patrick’s RC Church on Friday, May 19th.  A letter to families will follow.

Hands-only CPR Training and Awareness will be provided to all students in grades 7-12 on May 25th and 26th during physical education classes.  Appreciation is extended to Mrs. Marra along with Mr. Ellis and Ms. Rinaudo for providing this essential training and awareness to our students.

Third quarter interim reports have been posted on the Parent Portal.  As always, please review these reports to assess your child’s academic progress.  If you have questions regarding your child’s overall achievement, I encourage you to contact your child’s guidance counselor as well as your child’s teachers.  April 21st, the third quarter concludes with an expected release on The Parent Portal of third quarter report cards on/about April 28th.

6th Grade orientation for parents will be taking place on Thursday, March 30th at 6:00pm in the district auditorium.  Guidance Counselors will be sharing with parent’s related information pertaining to a 7th grade student’s schedule, after school opportunities and more.  In the event parents are not available to attend, they are requested to contact the guidance office to either schedule a meeting with a counselor or request for information to be mailed home.

During the months of April through June, students in 7th and 8th grade will be taking State assessments in ELL (NYSELAT), ELA, mathematics, and science.  A calendar of related testing dates has been posted on the building webpage for your reference.  Additionally, select subject areas (CC Algebra, Chemistry and Global History and Geography) will be participating in Field Testing.  Letter detailing this information was mailed to families a month ago.

The June final and Regents exam schedule for June 2017 testing has been posted on the building webpage.  You are requested to review and be attentive to dates when your child will sit for upcoming final exams and Regents exams.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and look forward to fostering a collaborative and meaningful relationship with parents/guardians to best support all students’ academic, social, and emotional development. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming concerts, sports events, and district events.

For additional information highlighting the great programs and offerings to students at Southold Junior-Senior High School, please access my BLOG at , as well as connect with us through Facebook and on Twitter.

Have a safe and relaxing April vacation!

Other Relevant News

Nurses Office, Mrs. O’Day

On March 22, 2017, students participated in National Kick Butts Day. This day is held to bring awareness to the students about the dangers of cigarette smoking and e-cigarette use. The SADD members collaborated with the health office for activities including a social media contest and watching a presentation on the dangers of e- cigarettes. A special thank you to the SADD members, Jessica Santiago, Eric Kehl, Matt Pfister, Jeff Ellis, and Linda Rinaudo for their efforts with this event.

Ms. Foote

Ms. Foote’s SLP English 9/10 class, Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Flanagan:

We are currently reading a memoir by Jordan Romero titled, No Summit out of Sight.  This text details his journey as a pre-teen who was the youngest person ever to set out achieving a goal of climbing all seven summits on the different continents.  On Wednesdays, the students are responsible for leading the group in a Socratic Seminar in the library about the recent pages that were read. Mr. Flanagan has also joined our group and shared his personal experiences with hiking and climbing both as a hobby and with groups of students he’s worked with in the past.  Discussing the personal experiences of Romero and making our personal connections as a group has fostered an environment where thoughts and feelings are shared candidly and a mutual respect is accepted.  We are on schedule to finish reading by the end of the marking period, and have already started brainstorming ideas about final project assignments, not limited to writing letters to Romero and inviting him to visit our school.